Two House Purposely Split

Two House V2

I see so many people preaching and arguing with Orthodox Jews that follow Talmud/Torah that do not believe in Yeshua attempting to get them to follow Messiah Yeshua.

There are christians trying to get Jews to follow the christian version of Jesus/Yeshua. I am also seeing so many in hebrew roots attempting to bring Jewish peoples to come to Messiah Yeshua.

There are even anti-missionaries in the jewish community attacking hebrew roots and christians that attempt to bring jewish peoples to Messiah Yeshua. And in some cases causing Jews that accept Yeshua as the promised Messiah to turn away.

I see in scripture that YHWH Himself destroyed the unity between (early) christians and jews. That division continues to this day. We cannot, on our own, convert each other unless it is given to us to do from YHWH else we bring ourselves the glory. It is YHWH that causes us to accept Messiah Yeshua. Until the time is fulfilled, Israel (The Northern Kingdom – Lost Tribes. Also known as House of Joseph)  and Judah (The Southern Kingdom – Jews) will remain divided.

Our duty is to share the Gospel. It is not to beat each other up with itSee that you . Rebuke, absolutely YES, not to beat each other up. Salvation is and will always be from the Jews. It is written! For those of us that believe in Yeshua as the Messiah, we walk like Him as closely as we can. Sharing and living the Gospel is what we are called to do. Not to beat each other up. Where’s the love? Where’s the mercy and compassion? If all you do is talk, what does your walk look like? We will know you by your fruit!

See that you have been told, now if you continue to shame YHWH and His Son who gave it all for you, then it remains on you. IF you repent and turn all the way to YHWH then we have regained a brother or sister. If you continue to put to shame Yeshua then its all on you and His Words will judge you!

Shalom & I Bless you in Yeshua’s name!

*My opinion – If we call on Yeshua (Jesus) and YHWH knows we are true He will give us to Yeshua. I believe we must have a repentant heart though, in other words we must be prepared to turn away from sin. Sin is (Torah-less) lawlessness. We must be obedient to Him and Him alone. We cannot serve Elohim and Mammon. We have to choose and He knows who are His and will be obedient. Many are called, few are chosen. Oh and few takes on new meaning when you think of how many people were on the Ark.


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