You may be “doing” more of the Law!

Matthew Golden Rule

If you are a christian, you maybe following more of the Torah that you believe or have been taught. Many of the “laws” in the Torah do not pertain to everyone or at all times. A lot of them are for the Temple and Her Priests. Some are gender specific. Some are for accidental or unintentional issue’s.

What has changed is the sacrificial system for sin. Yeshua paid the penalty for your sin and death IF you repent from lawlessness (sin) and do the works Yeshua did. After all, you prove you love Yeshua IF you obey Him who obeyed His Father.

There is no temple and if there were a temple most of us are too far away from it. Sacrifice other than for sin is on hold and according to the Book of Revelation will resume in the millennial kingdom.

  • I do not include scriptural reference at times so that if you truly want to know you will research it. I will not make it easy for you. I am not your researcher. I am nothing but vapour that is here and then not. I am a student and disciple, not a teacher so much. I share what I feel important to share in order to plant seeds. I also share so that if in the sharing you repent and turn to Father and walk as Yeshua then AWESOME! However if not, you have been warned and you will die in your sin and you blood is upon you, not me.

Bless You in Yeshua’s name!


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