The Face You Make When You Find Out You Were Lied To!

Hate the sinner v2

Once saved always saved is a hoax inspired by the deceiver and perpetuated by ear tickling teachers and preachers! If you believe it is not, please back it up with scripture in the context of salvation! No cherry picking verses to mean what you want them to mean. If you cannot use the bible to define the bible you may be brainwashed.

YHWH Father (referred to as God by most peoples) changes not. He has and will continue to destroy those that sin against Him. Whether He does it now or at the second death is of a moot point.

What makes you think that once you are “saved” you can continue being and doing exactly what you have been doing before “accepting Messiah”? Seriously? How do you show Yeshua that you love Him? What does His Word say about that? What are commandments are you supposed to be obedient to? What Commandments was Yeshua obedient to? Should we not walk as He did, doing what He did, the way He did it?  Why aren’t you?

Thank you for attempting to prove you are right and Yeshua and His Father are wrong, now repent of your iniquity (lawlessness) and turn to the Only One that can destroy body and soul in the second death.

I bless you in Yeshua’s name, Amen!



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