Violation of His commandments is death if without repentance.

Moses 10 Commandments

You have all broken every one these commandments of them IF…

I You shall have no other gods before Me. IF you love any of any of these more that YHWH my God, you have placed something of the world over and above YHWH,  Money, Job, Family, etc.

II You shall make no idols. IF you have any image created by man of anything that draws breath you have broken this commandment.

III You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. IF you made a vow or pledge in “God’s Name and do not do it, you have violated this commandment.

IV Keep the Sabbath day holy. IF you do any work on this day or any business at all or even doing your own pleasure on this day, you have broken this commandment.

V Honor your father and your mother. IF you do not in any way obey your parents or give heed to there council, you are in violation of this commandment.

VI You shall not murder. IF you even think about harming your brother (fellowman) according to Yeshua you have broken this commandment.

VII You shall not commit adultery. IF you have even lusted in your heart (in your mind) you have broken this commandment according to Yeshua.

VIII You shall not steal. IF you have taken anything that is not yours and was not given freely to you.

IX You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. IF you have ever lied about or even gossiped about a neighbor you have broken this commandment.

X You shall not covet. IF you have ever wanted anything that your neighbor has you have violated this commandment.

We have all fallen short of the glory of YHWH is not an excuse to continually violate the covenant commandments of YHWH and put Messiah Yeshua to shame. When we use Romans 2:23 as an excuse saying it is impossible to be Holy because Father is Holy as it states in Leviticus 11:44 and stated again in the very next verse. If Father has chosen you then shouldn’t you make every effort to be what it says in Leviticus 20:26 to show that you accept His calling?

So if you are called should you not repent as Messiah Yeshua said when He started His ministry (see Matthew 4:17) and how His Father also called out to His people over and over again throughout the entirety of the bible, especially in what you refer to as the “old testament”?

What do you think repentance is? What are you to repent from? What does the YHWH say in His Word? Should’t we believe His Word over the word of any person of the world? In Matthew 3:8 it states to produce fruit worthy of repentance. What does that mean to you? How to you produce fruit worthy of repentance? We get a clue in Acts 3:19. In 2 Corinthians 7:9 Paul tells us exactly what that fruit is. We gain further definition of the fruit of repentance through Jeremiah 31:19. You don’t want to be one that fails and have what it states in Romans 2:5 and Revelation 3:3 happen to you.

What should you be sorry for? Do you think that when you realize and accept that you have sinned against God the Father that you would be filled with sorrow? So what is sin according to YHWH’s Word? How does His Word define sin?

Let’s look in 1 John 3:4 and 1 John 5:17. Sin is transgression of the Torah often referred to as the law. The Torah is better translated as instructions. Therefore following that logic, the Torah is YHWH’s instructions that when followed will lead and guide us into living a Holy life. Please know this, as it is of extreme importance; observing the Torah without faith in Messiah Yeshua can in no way save you from the second death. This what is referred to by James in James 2:26.

So sin according to the Word is transgressing or breaking the Law given to man from our Creator through Moses. (Actually given to man way before Moses). If we own that we have broken His rules and we truly are filled with sorrow for doing so then according to 1 John 1:9 we will be forgiven our debt which is death for breaking His rules for righteous living when we confess our sin. Now that we have fruit worthy of repentance we repent of sin and accept forgiveness of that debt we owed for our transgressing the law of YHWH and turn to Father and Son’s righteous rules, laws and statutes and live according to them not to be saved but because we are saved. Refer to John 14:15 which states “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” We keep His commandments by doing His commandments. We show we love and honor Yeshua by walking as He walked and desires us to walk.


I bless you in Yeshua’s name!



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