Thrown into the Lake of Fire

Repent and believe
The very last sentence of the bible says: “And IF anyone was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”
For those that that believe once saved always saved, are you willing to bet it all on that belief?
For you that believe in the pre-trib or mid-trib rapture, are you also willing to bet your soul?
This is what will happen to so many that “simply” believe! Belief without the same Works Yeshua did will end up thrown into the lake of fire. These are not my words, this is not my opinion. This is from His written Word which was given by the Living Word that became flesh and gave His life for mine. He ransomed me.
I promise you that  you cannot change my mind about my belief in my Messiah, my Lord and King, My Priest, My redeemer. I will not deny my Messiah in any way shape or form. I will not put Him to shame by claiming to be saved while continuing to do everything the same exact way the world does it. I am called to be set-apart (holy or perfect depending on translation). I am not of this world, I am however in it. I am obedient unto death if need be. I am obedient to all that the Messiah taught and walked out so that I would have an example to follow. To emulate Him as closely as I can glorifies Him.
So repent you lawless and come to the one you ought to fear above all. Sadly so many can’t because they are saved for the day of destruction. So many  who think that they are saved will sadly be thrown to into the lake of fire. I am deeply saddened by that fact.
So what is salvation? What do you do to keep it? Do you do anything to keep it? If Father YHWH is your Elohim (God) how do you show Him you love Him. Love is an action. Faith is an action, don’t you think so?
Let me hear your thoughts and opinions. Share yourself. Share your hearts thoughts? What to you believe in?
Shalom and Bless you in Yeshua’s name!

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