De-hypnotize Yourself

New Wineskin

When you think you know everything there is to know, especially when it comes to the Scriptures, You will never get to know the sweetness of His truth according to His understanding.

The world has programmed you to believe a certain way, thanks to the deceiver. If you are truly seeking Yeshua and His Righteousness, His righteous judgements and His Righteous Way you will find it. However you must let go of what you think you know in order to embrace what Yeshua needs and wants you to know and understand of His Word.

His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher and better than our ways. Who are you to assume you know what He wants instead of humbling yourself to receive His ways no matter the cost you to you personally. After all, are you in it for you or for Him? Your glory or His?

If you have sought your own glory, you have received your reward and have no reward in the kingdom to come. If you are doing anything for yourself, you are receiving your reward in this life whether good or bad. You get what you put into it. Have you counted the costs of surrendering it all and doing everything His way?

If you worry about what others think, you will never truly know that freedom that can be experienced through accepting His complete truth. Fear in anything or anyone other than Him who can and will destroy your soul along with your body is worthless and vain. It shows Him you care more about this life than the promise of an eternal life with Him.

Count the cost! If the cost is something you can afford, do it! Give all of you to all of Him, after all He gave it all for you! Walk according to His way or don’t. It’s your choice and no one can do it for you.

Bless you in Yeshua’s name!


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