Who is likened to the eagle?


The picture gives a clue. It most likely isn’t who you think, because you may not be able to see that broad. Its ok. Not everyone has eyes to see or ears to hear. Besides I could be wrong too. Test everything, do not blindly follow me or any other person alive or dead. Follow the only one that came and redeemed your life. He is worth following and being obedient to unto death if need be!

Oh and this verse can be found in Hosea chapter 8.

Don’t be one being ensnared by the temptations of the harlot. She’ll entice you with sweet nothings and tickle your ears with vain deceits. As we know many will fall away because their love will grow cold. Remember your first love, your first love is to love your Elohim with ALL your heart, with ALL your mind and with ALL your strength.

How do we show or prove our love? Hmm I think there might be a clue in a verse in John 14. You know that one, you’ve read it many times before. I bet if you went to John 14 you’d go right to that verse.

So what are we to be obedient to, giving you a further clue to the previous paragraph to what verse to find. Why would Father call His people stiff necked? His people are not necessarily the Jewish people you are thinking of. If you think that you have truly failed in understanding all that you have read from cover to cover. Back to being stiff necked, what doe sit mean to you? What does it mean to Father? Does He jump straight to punishing His people or does He offer grace and pleads with His chosen people to “repent” from there sin?

Everything He has done and is going to do has been written. He will n0t do anything that He has not revealed to and through His prophets. Would you agree with that? If so you just agreed that Yeshua did not come to destroy the “law” but to fulfill it and that He must return and destroy the wicked one along with all the stiff necked people while saving His remnant. His chosen peoples who not only believe in Him. They also are obedient to Him.

Think about it. Pray about it. Meditate on it. Above all else take it to Yeshua and after taking it to Him, trust whatever you get no matter how hard it may be to receive!

Bless you in Yeshua’s name!


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