Being a light, according to Scripture.


Recently, I was pondering the connection between a few verses of Scripture.  I have mentioned how much I like YouVersion, so here is an image I recently posted followed by some comments and a music video (if I can find Troy Mitchell’s Light of the World).  [If you are a YouVersion user, friend me.  Search ‘Pete Rambo’ in Newberry, SC.  My icon is a grey circle picture of Hebrew text.]

wp-1474645975528.jpegScripture must define Scripture.  We do not get to assign value or definition to words, rather, we must rely on Scripture to do so.  This is extremely important when taking the words of Yeshua and trying to understand His intent where He Himself does not define terms.  (Luke 8:11 is a clear example of Yeshua defining terms.)

As the image above cites, the Torah is light.  While the quote says, ‘a light,’ the Hebrew has no…

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