As for me and my house we worship YHVH (The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)!


The less official purpose for a colosseum is distract the malcontents and troublesome people who are easily led to destruction. While the governments make choices that affect the well being and freedoms of the people according to how they see things and not according to YHVH (God) or even the health and well being of its peoples. It takes you away from YHVH (God) as you spend all you time and energy waiting, talking about and watching/participating in the events within the colosseum.

More official purpose of the Colosseum
The purpose of the Roman Colosseum was as follows:

  • Purpose 1: To provide a permanent purpose-built arena in the centre of Ancient Rome for staging various forms of entertainment for the Ancient Romans – a gift to Roman Citizens
  • Purpose 2: To create a massive, breath-taking structure conveying the wealth, might and power of Rome
  • Purpose 3: To seat up to 80,000 Romans, each with an unobstructed view, creating a diversion for unemployed and unruly Plebs
  • Purpose 4: To provide a showcase for exotic, wild animals taken from all corners of the Roman Empire, once again to convey the extent of Rome’s conquests of different countries
  • Purpose 5: To ensure the support and popularity of the Emperors Vespasian and Titus (members of the Flavian dynasty of emperors) amongst the Plebs (the ‘Mob’)
  • Purpose 6: To utilize and showcase the latest Roman engineering and building techniques, including a labyrinth of tunnels under the arena containing 32 animal pens and lift systems operated by ropes and pulleys to facilitate the fast movement of animals, gladiators, prisoners and stage scenery in and out of the Colosseum arena
  • Purpose 7: To stage reconstructions of famous Roman battle victories, including sea battles requiring the arena to be flooded, encouraging Roman patriotism
  • Purpose 8: To provide advanced crowd control features, such as 76 separate entrances, to ensure the massive crowds who flocked to the Gladiator games were kept in order

Sure you may believe in YHVH (God) so do the demons. We are instructed to talk about the Torah of YHVH (God) at all times, from the time we wake up, as we do what we do during the day and as we head to slumber. Yet almost every man talks about sports, sports and more sports, and if not it’s sex, sex, sex. And sadly you so many of these going and coming from, you guessed it, church. You don’t hear them talking about or discussing what the preacher man has said. they can’t wait to get out of church to go watch their sports.

As for me and my house we worship YHVH (The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)!



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