Be of one mind and body!



4 thoughts on “Be of one mind and body!

  1. Why is it when I tell other Christians that we to as true believers fulfill the law through Christ they disagree? Am I saying it wrong? Am I wrong? Especially, when it all begins with the two greatest commands to love.

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    • Great question James. In order to better answer that question, I need to ask one. What do you mean by “true believers fulfill the law in Christ”? Are you saying you walk as Yeshua walked (as best you can) in and according to the Torah as given to Moses?

      Love is the greatest command in the Torah. To Love Elohim first and foremost with all you have (paraphrased) and then to love each other as Elohim loves you (paraphrased from Yeshua). Sadly, what I have witnessed and experienced is that christians and so many of those claiming to be in the hebrew roots have failed miserably in truly loving Elohim, let alone each other. I believe that there truly are “few” who truly grasp and actually walk out the love YHVH and Yeshua give us and command us to have for them and each other.

      Yehovah bless you, Shalom my friend. I look forward to a further dialog with you.


      • Yes, to the best I can with the knowledge He has given me. As I am a new man every day. He gives me more every day. Knowledge of His heart that is. Then I submit and put it into action when He gives me opportunity.


      • James, so you now believe the whole Word is as valid today as it was when given through Moses (and actually to Adam)? Do you observe the True Sabbaths and Dietary laws? I find I discover more about Yehovah and Yeshua by observing and being obedient to the Torah. I find the the more I observe to follow His Way I am blessed in every way!

        When I first had my eyes opened, I was so excited and filled with zeal. I attempted to share and was totally shocked when christians whom I knew could not see what I seen and resisted what I was sharing. yet I could not go back to ignorance. Nor would I ever want to.

        I love Yehovah and Yeshua with all I am and I attempt to show my love through obedience as Elohim has commanded.

        Shalom Brother!


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