Light to the nations!


Isaiah 49:5-7  And now said Yehovah – who formed Me from the womb to be His Servant, to bring Ya‛aqoḇ back to Him, though Yisra’ěl is not gathered to Him, yet I am esteemed in the eyes of Yehovah, and My Elohim has been My strength –  and He says, “Shall it be a small matter for You to be My Servant to raise up the tribes of Ya‛aqoḇ, and to bring back the preserved ones of Yisra’ěl? And I shall give You as a light to the nations, to be My deliverance to the ends of the earth!”  Thus said Yehovah, the Redeemer of Yisra’ěl, their Set-apart One, to the despised , to the loathed One of the nation, to the Servant of rulers, “Sovereigns shall see and arise, rulers also shall bow themselves, because of Yehovah who is steadfast, the Set-apart One of Yisra’ěl. And He has chosen You!”

During Isaiah’s time, the dispersion was well under way and Yehovah has already divorced Israel (the Northern Kingdom often referred to as the House of Joseph, Ephraim,  or House of Israel or simply Israel).  Yeshua came for the “lost house of Israel”. His death fulfilled the law of release for a divorcee that allowed her to come back to the first husband who divorced her. Thus being fully compliant with the Torah given to Moses. It is written for everyone to see IF you have eyes to see.


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