Humble yourself and repent!



2 thoughts on “Humble yourself and repent!

  1. Yes, you are absolutely correct, we are to completely submit ourselves to Yah’s authority. Sadly this day and age we (in general) have forgotten what it is like to be truly submissive to a King. Sadly there is no fear, no trembling and no loyalty in today’s world. I praise Yehovah that He has opened my eyes and ears to see His Way clearly that I can stay in it and rejoice in His righteousness.


  2. I was interested to learn that in the Tanakh (‘Old’ Testament), in quite a few passages including 2Ch 7:14 and 2Ch 34:27, the word translated as ‘humble’ is ‘KANA and means ‘to be in submission to.’ Isn’t that what Yah is always asking of His people – that we will trustingly and lovingly submit to His sovereignty so that He can change us and bring us into alignment with His Ways? Thanks for your great memes – really appreciate them. 🙂


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