Sin is Disobedience to Yehovah’s Torah!


How Modern Day Christians define sin: (Note that in these articles no one is called to repent and turn to Yehovah’s Torah, sin is loosely defined in other ways even though they mention what the bible actually says sin is)

  1. Churchianity’s definition of sin
  2. Another View
  3. Sin is elusive, Seriously? According to the author – Sin is a riddle, a mystery, a reality that eludes definition and comprehension. Wow!
  4. There are way too many sites to list!

How Yehovah Elohim defines sin: (Note believers are called to repent and turn to or return to Yehovah’s torah / law)

  1. What is Sin?
  2. Sin Defined
  3. These are good, yet the Scriptures (Yehovah’s Word) is the best place to go, with Yehovah’s Holy Spirit guiding your understanding!

A lukewarm definition.

Since we know from all the texts so far that sin is related to Yehovah’s law, let’s look at an illustration concerning the traffic laws of our city:

Suppose you break the speed limit and must go to court to pay the fine that is the result of your transgression. You get before the judge and he says, “why were you speeding, don’t you know that the speed limit is for your safety and well-being….didn’t you realize that there is a consequence to your transgression?….you must now pay $200 which is the penalty for speeding.” You say to him, “I don’t have $200, in fact, I’ll never have $200…..” And here’s the real point: He says, “Tell you what, I’ll pay the penalty for you and give you another chance….but I don’t want to see you do this again.”

Now my question is: Does the speed limit law go away now that you received grace from the judge? No.
Are you now free to go out and speed again? No.
From a safety standpoint should you go out and speed again? No.

But in a way, the Christianity of today which has thrown out Yehovah’s law and has redefined sin would seem to say Yes to these questions. Folks is that the Gospel? Once you are “saved” you are free to sin? Most Christians would say “Of course not”…but since they don’t understand the true relationship of sin to Yehovah’s Torah they are actually saying yes, it is okay to break Yehovah’s Torah/Law.

Bottom line, repent from sin as the Yehovah’s Scripture defines it and “go and sin no more” that you walk in His righteousness and not a righteousness of your own.

Shalom In Messiah Yeshua


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