Yeshua says, Obey Me IF You Love Me!


NO ONE is saved by observing Torah ALONE, NO ONE! It requires faith in Yeshua who is the “Way, Truth and Life”. Yeshua is the door. And if you believe in Him ALONE, then have you not read as it is written, “Faith without Works is dead!” And you must be a doer of His Commandments and not only a hearer. You cannot simply believe in Him as even the demons believe and tremble.

If you truly Loved Yehovah with ALL your heart, mind, strength, and soul, you would know what His Word says is truth AND want to do as much as was given to you to do. If you think all you have to do is love and accept “everyone” then you have not understood what Yehovah / Yeshua taught from the very beginning of creation.We are not called to love the sinner and hate the sin. If you love the sinner, you would instead rebuke the sin in hopes that you would regain a brother or sister.

The only law “nailed to the cross” is the law of sin sacrifice. Yeshua’s blood was the final sacrifice for our sin. Is it right to believe grace covers us once we believe so that we may continue in all of the ways of the world? God forbid! The world knows it’s on and accepts it’s on. Everyone from Genesis to Revelation is saved by grace, after you believe in faith and repent with sincerity turning to Yehovah/Yeshua. Meaning you turn to Yehovah and begin to follow His righteous commandments and teachings from Genesis to Revelations.

His way is better than our way, or the world’s way for that matter. What sets you apart if you continue to do all that you were doing before coming to faith in Yeshua? He knows your heart and the heart is wicked above all. So read His Word with His Holy Spirit to ignite understanding. Yehovah has called for you to be Holy for He is Holy. Wouldn’t you want to to do what is pleasing to your creator, rather than what is pleasing to you and man in general? If not expect to hear the above words. His Word you have read and have heard stands as a witness against you.

You are at risk of hearing , “I never knew you, depart from me, you who work lawlessness,” if you fail in believing you have to be a doer of ALL of His Word! All the Torah is appropriate for you here and now as it has been done since the beginning. Have you not read what has happened when all others before you have started doing what the world was doing in the way the world was doing things? Were they not punished and cursed? When they cried out and repented were they not accepted and blessed?

Seek Him with all you are, focus on Him and Him alone for your salvation. Not a pastor, not any other man or woman. There is only one way, hard to find and extremely narrow that way is. Lonely at times, frustrating at times, rewarding at all times, yet your reward is not here on earth where rust and moth eat it up. Rely on His Spirit to guide you in all His truth and walk in that truth that you may be sanctified. The only way others can see Yehovah in you is by doing what He has commanded in the way He has commanded it to be done.

Time is truly of the essence, therefore repent now while you draw breath. Believe in faith that Yeshua is your Savior, your King, your Master! Understand that He has said that “If you love Me, obey Me!” (paraphrased).

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua!


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