Scripture Defines Scripture


I love and appreciate the many people who post articles that help and encourage and even to a degree shed light on scriptural interpretations. I still rely on Yehovah’s Holy Spirit that is the gift in my beloved Messiah’s name Yeshua.

I find encouragement in some of what I read from others. Often I am left wondering do we not all have the same spirit guiding us in His truth. If we do are we truly leaning on Yehovah’s understanding or our own? Is our pride interfering with our understanding and coming to agreement on even the most rudimentary elements of scripture? Why do we as humans presume to think the Creator meant this or that when it is clearly written to do it His Way.

I am purposely being vague as I don’t care to enter into debates over meanings of scriptural meaning. Not because I believe I am right, nor am I afraid of correction. I simply am tired of the endless debates from brothers and sisters of The Way. Most of who claim to have left christianity, yet attempt to bring “the way” of seeing christians see things. In this I do have an advantage, I was never a christian. I have always believed in God, I was even forced and baptized by two religions. Mormon’s and Baptists (my mother and my step-mother’s religions at the time)

To be honest it bugs me that so many claim to have an “open mind” yet resist any new idea or concept no matter the source. Let’s take the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When I first realized that His name was missing from the bible I was reading (NKJV/KJV) once I started waking up from my rebellious sleep, I pleaded with God to reveal His name that I might call upon Him. I went through a brief sacred name journey in that struggle. I attempted to use the various names and pronunciations out there. Not of which “felt” right.

For a time I used Yahweh as I felt it was as close as I was going to get until He chose to answer me. Yet even then I’d cry out knowing that even the name Yahweh was not correct deep within my being. Weh I first heard Yehovah as pronounced by a Jewish man I felt a stirring in my being. I resisted for awhile as it is awfully close to Jehovah and I can’t stand Jehovah’s witness people or their religion. Yet I am the type I cannot discount something without trying it (and researching it myself). So I used the name which took a while as I was so accustomed to using Yahweh.

Through my own research into linguistics and other people’s research as well as using the name in my prayers and conversations with our wonderful Creator. I came to realize this is His name He gave to Moses. I will continue to use His name Yehovah until He corrects me. If I had any pride left I would have refused to see and realize that is His name. I have had posted declaring His name as Yahweh, and other names as I moved through my journey.

My mind is open to Yehovah, My Heart is open to Yehovah,  what strength I have is Yehovah’s. Granted Yehovah will use men (and women) to reveal His Truth. With His Spirit present and active in our lives we can know when someone is speaking His Truth, His Word. And know that Yehovah is speaking to us through another person.

So I do not, will not, nor cannot rely on Man’s “say so” when it comes to interpreting His revealed Word and How we are to walk in it. What makes me sick is seeing so many christians leaving christianity only to bring the same hypocrisy into the hebrew roots movement. Where is the love and compassion and mercy you have been shown? So many seem to love their drama. It’s so very sad. We are supposed to show others Yehovah and Yeshua through the love we have for one another. If we have debates, we should do them out of public eye. If we have disagreements we should resolve them in private, between the parties involved. Christians and Muslims and every one of the world should only see the Love of the Father in us, through our interactions with each other. And with our interactions with them we want to reach and draw away from the whore of Babylon. Yeshua did not treat others in hate, not even the Pharisee’s. What makes you better than He that showed you how you should walk in faith, in meekness, with a humble spirit as His servant and a servant of His Truth.

I have done my share of bashing and being rude to others. Each time I have, I have had the Holy Spirit convict me of my sin. I have repented and you will not see any bashing “pagan holidays” or other such stuff from me. However, you may see me share the truth that is not coated with sugar to make it easier to swallow. Sometimes we need the raw unadulterated truth to shake us awake.

Will I share that christmas, easter, and other holidays are not commanded and are abominable practices the way Yehovah see’s it, YES! Will I use misinformation to do it, NO!

Was this an article I had planned on writing with this image, not really. I just start writing and see where it leads. However to speak to the topic of the image. I have never trusted any man. Ever. So it is easy for me to read someone’s article and find myself testing it against scripture. Does it line up with scripture or not. If not how far off the mark is it? does it warrant rebuke or not? Will I rebuke publically, never, unless it comes to that in the process outlined in the book of Matthew?

When I read Scripture I always, always invite and pray for Yehovah’s Spirit to guide my understanding that I might build my foundation on His truth for Yehovah is my rock. Yehovah is my solid foundation. When I come across something that I think I should understand better, I prayerfully seek from others who may have had similar questions, yet I do not immediately jump to believing “every word” shared by the same person if I do find anything that helps my understanding. Yet I may “follow” that person or group to see what else they may share and how it is aligned to scripture. I follow others sometimes for inspiration, sometimes for encouragement.

Ok, I guess that’s enough of the soap box. I truly hope that this encourages you in some way to not give up because of the “bad fruit” in the Torah Observant / Hebrew Root movement. Keep all that you are focused on Yehovah (or whatever you call our wonderful Creator)!

Shalom In Yeshua!


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