Endure what?


Once saved always saved is a lie. Otherwise, we would not be told to endure to the end. The end of what or when? There are two ends. One is the end of your days. The other is the end of all days before Yeshua comes and clears out the lawless ones and establishes His Kingdom.

The end of our days can come at any time. We do not, in most cases, know when our end has come. That is why it is imperative to do what is righteous and just in Yehovah’s eyes as Yeshua taught and walked.

There is also the end days, the days some will experience as Yeshua comes in the clouds. When love has grown cold and the lawless abound as in the days of Noah.

Either way, we must endure to the end, the end of our days and or the end of lawless days. Therefore repent and in love obey Yehovah’s instructions called the Torah in Scripture. This is how we show our love by obeying our Heavenly Father’s rules for righteous living.

Shalom in Yehovah/Yeshua!


4 thoughts on “Endure what?

      • I remembering not being confident that the doctrine of eternal salvation was true, but I still leaned on it and encouraged others to do the same. May Yah forgive me! We hear what we want to hear, you know?

        It’s not until a person gets so spiritually dry and dusty that they KNOW they will DIE if they don’t get the Real Truth, that they are finally in a place where He can speak and they can HEAR. At least, that’s what happened for us and for our friends. Bur until we got to that place of desperation, Truth was hidden from us.

        “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” When that is our focus and our obsession, THEN He begins peeling back the layers of lies and inviting us into His Kingdom of Truth. Thanks so much for being one of those Truth Seekers!

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