Do you trust your heart to lead you?


Yet the heart can be righteous through obedience to Yehovah’s Torah through Love as we walk in Spirit and Truth. Being fully devoted to seeking Yehovah’s Righteousness and walking in all His Ways. Obedience is how we show Yehovah we love and honor Him as our God, King, and Master!

Proverbs 15:28  The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, But the mouth of the wrong pours out evil.

So many people tell you to trust your heart. Follow your heart, etc… If you do not love Yehovah/Yeshua with ALL your heart, mind, soul, and strength showing Him you love Him through obedience to His Way set forth in the Torah. Then your heart is wicked. Yehovah expects you to walk in His Ways in Spirit and Truth because the carnal mind is at enmity with Him. How can you say you are His if you are not walking as His Messiah taught in Word and Action how to walk the Torah of His Father. We walk in Spirit by His truth according to His understanding through His Holy Spirit and not any mans (or woman’s) interpretation. If you do not have His Spirit you will twist scripture to conform to your understanding or whatever understanding or interpretation sounds good at the time. Thus making scripture true when it says that you are as being tossed to and fro by the wind.

Don’t be that person. Be the one who knows they don’t know even half of what Yehovah knows. Be the one that seeks Yehovah and ALL His Ways that you may truly have the hope of Salvation. Contrary to popular belief you are not saved once and “it’s finished”. You can lose your salvation when we are disobedient to Yehovah. Which you are if you have not truly repented of sin as defined by scripture (not your pastor). Once saved always saved by “Grace” (or any other way) is not found anywhere in scripture. We are saved by grace, this is true. Yet Grace covers the penalty of sin, not sin itself. When we bear the fruit of repentance and truly repent we are called to “sin no more”.  If we are obedient to Yehovah’s Torah we are not sinning. The more we walk the Torah in Spirit and In Truth the more righteous we become. We become Holy as Yehovah has said we are to be as He is Holy. Being Holy is being set-apart. In scripture, Paul says he wouldn’t know sin unless the Torah defined it for Him.

If we are obedient to Yehovah’s Torah we are not sinning (if you could walk it perfectly). The more we walk the Torah in Spirit and In Truth the more righteous we become. We become Holy as Yehovah has said we are to be as He is, Holy. Being Holy is being set-apart.Being set apart is not doing as the rest of the world does things. In scripture, Paul says he wouldn’t know sin unless the Torah defined it for him. If we follow his example as he suggests we do as he imitates Messiah Yeshua. Then why do you twist his letters to deny that Yehovah’s righteous “Laws” are not for you? Oh wait, you call yourself a gentile and it is true, the Torah is not for the gentiles. Or are you one that says you are grafted in? You cannot be a gentile grafted into the Olive Tree also known as Israel. If you claim to be grafted in and still sin, guess what? You will be judged by the very Torah you claim “Jesus” did away with because we couldn’t walk it perfectly? Seriously? And I know you’re going to use very specific verses from scripture taken out of context to attempt to prove you are right.

Let’s allow scripture to define sin as defined in scripture and let us use it as the only definition we go by. Transgressing or breaking Yehovah’s laws for righteous living is something Yehovah hates. Yet His mercy endures forever because of His Word and Promises to Abraham and His seed. His Seed is not just the literal seed descending from his loins. His seed includes everyone who joins with Yehovah acknowledging He is the One and Only True God that created ALL that it is. Thus the “Lost Tribes” Yeshua came for and the Gentiles who chose, with all their strength, minds and, hearts, to learn and obey ALL of Yehovah’s Ways are grafted into Isreal.

Yehovah always saves a remnant, yet they do not forgo being punished in some way. We have scriptural evidence to support this. Will you be found worthy to be among the remnant? Will you be able to endure to the bitter end? Yeshua’s return will be a joyous event. Only after He fulfills the remainder of the law and prophecy. Will He catch you eating swine’s flesh? Or will He catch you observing ALL He commanded you to do and be?

Just some things to think about.

Shalom in Yeshua’s name!



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