Are You Born Again?


You must be born again, you must know and obey the Torah of Yehovah that guards you against the wicked one. As you walk in Yehovah’s Torah you are guarded against the evil one. When you accept Yehovah through Yeshua you must be willing to pay the costs of accepting The Creator of Everything.

No more traditions of man. No more traditions of mainstream churchianity. Only doing the will of the Father that you sin no more. It is possible to be sinless. It is possible to be Holy. It is possible to be righteous. It is written, you are ordained IF Yehovah deems you are truly willing to pay the price. have you counted the costs of your choice to Follow Messiah Yeshua and all His righteous ways

Scripture defines scripture. Yehovah’s Holy Spirit aids in your understanding as you are willing to accept through your willingness to unlearn what you have been taught and bought into by man in any and all forms. Except what you have learned through man is not from man. You have and continue to be deceived by the evil one who does not want you to give up your unclean foods, your unholy holidays and your twisted understanding of scripture. You start to walk on the truly narrow path when you surrender all to follow Yeshua the way Father instructs you to walk.

Father loves His children. And like any loving Father, He gave us instructions for living righteously according to His Truth, Way, and Life. Just as our parents loved us and gave us instructions and rules to live by while in their charge, Our Creator and Father does the same for us.

Why rebel? What happened when we rebelled against our parent’s rules? Did we not get disciplined? Didn’t we get in trouble and have to pay the price? What happened when we remained faithful and obeyed our parent’s rules? Were we not rewarded or blessed with greater favor?

As we walk in Fathers rules out of love and fear we are blessed. We receive greater favor or blessings as we walk as He desires us to walk. We will not be heard nor favored when we rebel against Fathers Torah. Just as His children He led out of Egypt rebelled against Him and paid the price by wandering and dying in the wilderness. Thier children were the ones inheriting the promise. Yet from time to time even their children rebelled and paid the price. What makes you think you are any better? The scripture does not have a doctrine of once saved always saved unless you take scripture out of context, thus twisting scripture to fit your doctrine as Peter warned many would.

We work out our salvation through fear and trembling because we only have a hope of salvation. If we love our Messiah we show our love through obedience to His Fathers, our Creators, Torah. It is written, why do you not believe Moses and the Prophets? Yeshua stated that fact in scripture. He stated you would not believe one even though He was raised from the dead. Read His Words only. Stop elevating Paul above Yeshua. Paul did not teach against the law. If he had, he would be a lawless one. There were many lawless ones then, there are even more now. Everyone who believes and teaches and defends that the Torah, Yehovah’s righteous rules, have been done away with, you are lawless and will suffer the fate reserved for the lawless. Don’t believe me? It is written in the scripture for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear from the Holy Spirit.

You are free to believe what you will. I will believe what I believe. I know what I know. I know I am but a vapour, here for only a moment and that Yehovah has chosen me because I have chosen Him no matter the costs. I have counted the costs and there is nothing in or of this world that is worth forsaking His Way, Truth, and Life. If I am right and I know I am, then my hope of salvation is assured salvation as I walk according to His will and not my own will or self-righteousness. If I were to walk only according to Torah I wold have no hope of salvation. It is only walking in Torah through faith in Messiah Yeshua that I have any hope at all. Is it not written faith without works is dead? Faith alone cannot save you either. Again it is written, show me your faith alone and I wil show you my faith through my works. My works are walking according to Father’s rules in Spirit and in Truth.

I could go on and on, however I’ll spare you. If you got it you did, if not you may never, unless you repent after you have counted the costs and determined that you are willing to die fully and completely to self in order to find your life in Messiah Yeshua.

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua.


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