In ALL matters, Esteem Elohim!


While researching the word used in greek and reading various commentaries on the word “Christianos”  often used in this verse. The word was meant to be better translated or defined as “one who is called” or the “called”, also they often referred to themselves as a believer and obedient follower of Yehovah through Yeshua. Sometimes known as a brethren, the faithful, elect, saints, believers, disciples, or a Nazarene. 

The word christian has a certain “stain” attached with it for those who have come to the knowledge and validity of obedience to Yehovah’s Torah, we do not like being called christian because of the lawlessness being taught and followed. I personally do not choose to be called by any label. I am merely an obedient servant to Yehovah through my Master Yeshua Messiah. I have the hope of salvation. Others call me whatever they like, I don’t care. I know what and who I am in Messiah. I choose to honor Yehovah through obedience rather than to hear my Messiah say, “I never knew you.” and be led to the end of my existence (the second death).

I have prayed, I have screamed, I have cried for truth. I have sought after the highest and purest truth available. Yehovah has heard my cry and has answered my plea’s. Yehovah has heard my cries.

I will not, nor is it even possible for me to turn away now. With all my heart, mind, soul and strength I love Yehovah and I prove my gratitude in love through obedience to Fathers rules to enter His Kingdom. I have repented. I continue to repent as my sin is made known. I chose to be holy as my Father is Holy. Holy being defined as being set-apart from the customs and traditions of mankind.

There is nothing you can say to me to change my mind. There is nothing you can do to me that will cause me to change my mind. Yehovah is my strong tower, my rock, my hope, and my strength. I plant seeds, I share, yet I cannot lead you to the truth any more than I can force you to drink of it. It is Yehovah who chooses you for His Son, Messiah Yeshua my Master. If you go against His Torah, you are lawless. It really is that simple. Do

If you go against His Torah, you are lawless. It really is that simple. Do you seek after His truth or do you believe you have it already? If you eat foods that are unclean, adultering in heart, mind, and deed, lying, cheating, any and all that is immoral you are not His. He is righteous and His rules (Torah) is righteous and just. You desire to do His Will, that which is pleasing to Him. As you become obedient to His Torah, you become Holy, you become righteous, you become pleasing to Him, you are in fact becoming sinless. When you say “I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me”, yet you say His laws are too hard and not valid for today or only for the Jews, you are nullifying what He said and did for you. You are not His sheep that was lost and found if you deny and defend against Yehovah’s Torah as given to Moses for His chosen people then and today.

Some say I am too harsh. Saying I am not winning any soul’s to His Truth in the way and how I chose to share. Did the prophets share a warm and fuzzy message to get people to repent and turn back to Torah/Yehovah’s righteous ways? Or did they speak truth designed to shake you and wake you to obedience and to fear the One who can destroy you, body AND soul?

Remember it is not I who leads you to the truth. It is Yehovah who wakes you up to it. I can pray for you, I can plant the seed to give you a desire to seek His righteous and just truth. I can assist you when you wake up, bearing in mind that it is not me that guides, it is Yehovah through His Spirit that guides and teaches. Therefore;

Repent and Do what is right!

His kingdom is coming soon!

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