Thoughts Inspired By Scripture

John 1:17  Torah was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Yeshua the Messiah.

Why do people refer to Yehovah’s Torah as the Mosaic Law when it is clear in the Torah and other passages such as the one above it was given by Yehovah through Moses to us? It wasn’t Moses giving us any laws. It was Yehovah using Moses to deliver His instructions for righteous living. In fact, Yehovah would not command us “to be Holy because I am Holy” without letting us know what we need to do in order to be Holy (set apart).

The blindness of people just boggles the mind. Yet both Yehovah and Yeshua said it would happen, in fact, it must happen in order for the Word not to return void.

Is it saddening? Yes.

Is it frustrating? Yes.

Can I do anything about it? Yes!

I can allow the wicked to be wicked while staying focused on my Elohim and doing what He has instructed I do. I can offer rebuke in love to a brother or sister in sin (as the scripture defines it) so that if they continue in their sin (Father forbid) their blood is not on my head. I can warn the wicked in case there are any among them that will repent and turn to my Elohim, Yehovah!

Just random musings on what crosses my mind as I read scripture.



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