Coming in a name!

Do you truly understand what it means to “come in the name” of someone?
FB hebrew scholar wannabes use illogical assumptions to teach you their version of hebrew. 

They suggest that the Messiah’s name must include part of the Father’s actual name. For example, if you use Yahweh then the Sons name should be Yahshua. Or whatever variation on a theme you’ve bought into. 

Given that logic, let’s follow a ridiculous path for a moment. You are taught to pray in Jesus name, so you ought to call yourself jesaul or jesuaul or some such variation based on your name because you are “praying or coming in His name”, yes? Ridiculous right? 

In ancient days a king would send an emissary to deliver a message and even negotiate for them only after they had earned the kings trust and respect. Did the emissary change their names to include the kings name before interacting with the one(s) they were sent to? Of course not.

Coming in the kings name meant you have power and authority to speak on behalf of the king. So Yeshua came in Yehovah’s name truly means He was given power and authority to act and speak on behalf of Yehovah. Not that Father’s name had to be included in the Son’s name. The are one in agreement and purpose. Much like a man and a wife become “one” flesh. 

We all know it is physically impossible to be literally “one flesh”. It is traditional to take one or the others last name, this does not literally make you “one flesh” either. However in most if not all cases, the man speaks for his wife and the wife speaks for her husband when they earn enough of each other’s trust and respect. 

Unless you know hebrew better than the back of your hand, or better than a Jewish scholar, you’d best not come at me with your assumptive logic based on fb scholars. 

Yehovah’s shalom in Yeshua’s name.


14 thoughts on “Coming in a name!

  1. You writing at the site of your postings and in your page “about” ; ” You must believe (have faith) that Yeshua is The Word made flesh and died in your place as the ultimate sacrifice for the penalty of your sin. ” may have that to different interpretations, one of which I would not associate a Jew nor a real Christian with, namely that you would believe that Jesus would be an incarnation of God. Let’s hope you do not believe that?!

    Though this article than may give the idea that you, like me as a Christian, do take Jeshua to be a sent one from God, and not God Himself. In such instance I like your text.


    • I am neither christian nor Jew. I believe Yeshua is the Son of God who walked among us, was crucified and ascended you be at the Father’s right hand waiting for the fulfillment of scripture so that He can complete all that has been prophesied about Him. I live my life walking as Yeshua walked according to all the Torah and Prophets as best as I can. Praise Yehovah for His Holy Spirit that teaches and convicts according The Word and His Father.


      • Pleased to hear you take Jeshua to be the son of God and not as your god. From your reply I may understand that you believe the Biblical truth that Jehovah is the only One True Divine Creator, in which Jeshua and his disciples believed and we all also should believe and praise His Name.


      • I’m not sure if your using a translator or not, however I use Yeshua and Yehovah, not Jeshua and especially not Jehovah. That name belongs to the JW who are not obedient to Messiah in my opinion.


      • I use contemporary language and as such use the writing like it is used in many languages, like those in the country I am living. It is totally a misconception to think only JW would use God’s Name and write Jehovah. Is it perhaps therefore you also do not want to call yourself a Christian, or is it because you do not want to follow Yeshua/Jeshua as the Way to God?
        Or do you think wrongly that all Christians would worship a trinitarian godhead?


      • I do not call myself a Christian because they do not follow the same Messiah. The Messiah they follow did away with the law. The Messiah I follow walks in the law. JW follow a twisted and perverted form of truth, much like Mormons. I follow Yeshua not any religion.

        I’ll stick with reading the scriptures for myself and relying on the Holy Spirit.


      • As a Christian, following Jeshua, Jesus Christ, I do know that several Christians like me do not take Jesus as their god nor would think he has taken the law away.

        You give the impression that the millions of non-trinitarian Christians would not follow the Words of the bible, which is denigrating to those denominations and doing them injustice.

        concerningthe question of spelling, walking on this earth for already 7 decades I encountered many changes in the orthographic rules. In English there where several changes over the years and the biggest difference came by the development of an increasing difference between the Queen’s English or English English and American English. In Dutch the time I have been living I encountered about 10 changes, the first big change having been the emittance of the declensions, doing a way with nominative, vocative, genitive, ablative and so on. As a teacher I also in a very short period had to tackle 7 writing changes. That is now a thing we have to live when we want to develop and continue to have accepted standards or ways of writing for every one the same, so that it can be clear for all. In German I had to cope with two different spelling laws. For French also two spellings were forced on us by the spelling committee of that language. Every time for each language me and the many people using those languages had to adapt. It has no use at all to keep using old or even very old spelling rules. Why also did you choose to use the Y and not the I (like the original King James version did) in your English language for the begin letter of יהוה?

        In my 1947 King James Bible is written already Jehovah, though I do agree in the Dutch Roman Catholic Bible of 1953 is still written Yehowah (sic). In most versions published from the 1960ies onwards, not having any connection with the JW, the publishers chose to print Jehovah.

        To me it seems ridiculous because one can not stand a certain denomination, that one excludes the use of the language they use and as such would not print the Name of God in the same manner they may do in one or another language.

        By saying you “follow Yeshua and not any religion” what do you mean? Jeshua was a Jew, who had no intention at all to make a different denomination or a different religion than the one he belonged to, though he himself belonged to what certain Jews considered a sect as well (namely the Essenes).

        I consider myself a follower of Yeshua (as you want to see his name) but you want me to believe I can not be a follower of him because I adapted my language to the current linguistic rules and because I would use the same Name for God as the JW but also many other Christians and certain groups of Jews use.

        I wonder in which way my Messiah may be different than yours. And when you are on your own having your own Messiah, should you not more wonder if you perhaps went the wrong way, preferring to believe only your own thoughts instead of the Biblical teaching like more than one other person understands it?

        I may understand, when you live in English speaking areas, why you prefer to write Yehovah. So that people could not pronounce it wrongly, like they pronounce Jesus with a “Dzee” and would say “Dze-Hoh-vah” in stead of saying “Yai-Hoh-Whah”. But that is not a good reason. By the way, how do you pronounce יהוה?


      • Dear Sir or is it perhaps Young man, I noticed your site first was called “Yahweh” (hopefully not referring to the Canaanite pagan godhead) like several Christians prefer to use that Name instead of the Holy Name Jehovah for יהוה.

        I also noticed your site now has disappeared from the net. Did you have a special reason to stop it? Or did you come in conflict with your conscience or with other thinkers.

        The world and the internet can do with some more websites preaching the Word of יהוה Jehovah God Who is One and not three. therefore in away it might be a shame your site is not published any more.

        Perhaps after lots of thinking and refurbishing you might come back on the internet with a renewed site?! Why not. Do it all over again, start afresh, and use a contemporary language which is generally in use all over the world, not sticking to specific denominational words or usages of certain words and expressions.

        Also do not think you are the only one following Yeshua or Jeshua, or Jesus or Jésus, Jezus, Chesu, Issou, Isha, Ishi or how the world wants to call that sent one from God and consider him the Messiah.

        Try to come to see that in the world there are luckily enough real followers of the Kristos, Christ Jesus, Jeshua or Yeshua (like you prefer). Try also to connect to such real followers of Christ and to connect with them or let them connect also with you so that together you might be stronger and have union in the Body of Christ, though perhaps living thousands of miles away separated by oceans. But let that not be limitations but by sharing the same truth let it be a union strong enough to bring others also to Christ.

        I wish you good luck with your quest for truth and do hope you shall become one of the sharers of faith in Christ, the sent one from God, rabbi Jeshua, the Lamb of God and the mediator between God and man.

        Peace be with you and God’s blessing.


      • My friend, I suppose I am a young man in that you have close to two decades on me. I started this site before I became aware of Father’s true Hebrew name. I personally use Yehovah because that is what has been revealed to me through study and prayer. And also because if a man very well versed in ancient hebrew, who happens to be a Jew.

        My site has very little activity lately not because I don’t like sharing or have anything to share. Rather it is because my computer is unavailable for a short time. I find it extremely tedious to type long responses on the phone. As well as a lot of my resources are on the computer. I do a great deal of comparing various versions of scripture to help understand what the authors where saying. I am so looking forward to sharing more and making certain changes that I simply can’t do from the phone as soon as I can.

        I fellowship with many people online. The distance between true believers is too great to meet in person.

        I know I am not the only only following Yeshua as I know His name. He was a Hebrew and a Jew so I personally prefer using His hebrew name. I know some people that use the name Jesus and also follow the Yehovah’s Torah given to Moses as best as they can. I don’t judge anyone by the name they use for our beloved Messiah. Unlike many others who insist you use a specific name in order to be saved. I do not believe that myself.

        Peace be with you and Father’s blessings.


      • Dear writer who used the name “Yehovah Elohim” what is your religious background? I presume you are an American? In which faith did you grow up and did you come to an other opinion or reviewed your faith and changed ways, passing along one or the other denomination which was different than your childhood religion? What is the reason you took such an aversion against the Jehovah’s Witnesses? did you went to study with them and had a bad experience or did it even come to a conversion you having become a JW and later stepped out the movement?

        In what way are you capable to judge the JW and the Mormons? Do you come form the region of Arizona or did you live in a Mormon community?

        I hope you do not mind me asking so many questions, but I am sincerely interested to come to understand your reactions and your attitude.

        I also sincerely hope you shall be able to get in contact with serious Christian Biblestudents who can convince you that Jesus (or Jeshua) is the way to God, the elohim Hashem Jehovah, Who is the Only True God of gods, the Host of hosts, God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples.


      • Yes I am American. And lived two years in England.

        I was raised in both mormonism and southern baptists when I was young. I cared for neither. My personal experience was one of dismay. I found only hypocrisy no matter where I looked.

        When I was old enough I examined some of the world’s major religious beliefs and doctrines and found them to be wanting.

        After decades of searching I finally took my issues and concern to the author of all that is. He answered my prayers and has been leading me ever since.

        I was once involved with an ex-JW and have other friends who were also involved them. I have never been a JW.

        I was also deeply involved with a Christian, bible believing organization. They are a great group of people in general. Yet when I Father removed the scales from my eyes to see all His truth, I nolonger was welcome to teach or preach unless it was a cheap grace based on a triune God.

        I am in contact with many people who are very serious about the scriptures. I learn a great deal from them.

        We are to use righteous judgement according to Yehovah Elohim. Yeshua demonstrated this judgement often when dealing with the Jewish authorities who were adding to the Torah of Yehovah making it a burden for anyone to follow.

        I do not participate in Easter or Christmas because study has shown when and why they have been added to the Christian religion and are not what they appear to be. I do follow the appointed times outlined in scripture as best as I can. Obviously there are some things we simply cannot do of the Torah for various reasons.

        I absolutely love and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Son, Yeshua (as I call Him), says He us the Way,Truth and Life. I belive it with all I am that He is the only way to the Father and the only door we are to enter to obtain the promises of the coming Kingdom.

        I endeavor to walk in covenant Yehovah Elohim gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His people Israel.

        Hopefully this answers your questions. I apologize for any typos and whatnot. Again I find it extremely challenging to type all this on a small phone.


      • Thank you very much for your explanations and for taking the gruesome time to reply to me via a phone, which is not the easiest tool to type such long texts.

        I do agree working from a phone or an i-pad is not the ideal to create pages or to place or sent texts.

        Nice to hear you, having been in some christian groups came to see how pagan influences where in those groups. I also do hope you shall come to see that there are many other Christian groups who do not take part in such paganism and do not worship a tri-une god. – Lots of Americans seem not to know that, or are so endorsed with their human doctrines they take fierce adversary against any Christian who does not accept the Trinity or does not celebrate their pagan festivals like Christmas and Easter. –

        You call the son Yeshua but do you see those calling him Jeshua call him the same …. being it a matter of writing, those like I using the contemporary spelling you sticking to an older spelling. The same for Yehovah and Jehovah. for certain people living in countries where many languages are spoken it facilitate also just to use one general form accepted in all the different languages.

        May I also suggest it would be perhaps better to adjust the name you present when placing texts or answering. Now I get the message that Yehovah Elohim is replying to me, though I am sure it is not the Elohim Hashem Yehovah. Perhaps you are better to change that to “Yehovah’s Friend”, “Yehovah’s child” or something like that.
        Always remember that we never may defile or misuse Yehovah’s Name.

        I look forward to your computer being mended again and to see your website to be active on the net again.

        We for sure can do with some more webpages presenting Biblical Truth and showing how people have to get rid of any pagan tradition, coming to follow God His Wil and ordinances.


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