Rebellion and Stubbornness

“Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter: Fear Elohim and guard His commands, for this applies to all mankind!”
‭‭Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes)‬ ‭12:13‬ ‭TS2009‬‬


Rebellion and Stubbornness

22 Then Shemu’ĕl said, “Does YHVH delight in ascending offerings and slaughterings, as in obeying the voice of YHVH?  Look, to obey is better than a slaughtering, to heed is better than the fat of rams. “23 For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and stubbornness is as wickedness and idolatry.  Because you have rejected the word of YHVH, He also does reject you as sovereign” (Shemu’ĕl Aleph (1 Samuel) 15:22-23).

King Sha’ul either convinced himself he was obeying YHVH, was rational-lying to himself, or was flat out rebelling and lying to Shemu’el in the process.  Abba had told him what to do through Shemu’el, but instead he did what he wanted, and then tried to appease the Almighty by throwing some trinkets at Him in the form of a burnt offering.  In a sense, hoping Abba would accept his ill-gotten…

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