Questions to facilitate understanding

I’m going ask some questions to help facilitate and demonstrate something very important!

Do or did your parents or guardian(s) love you? Is your answer yes or no? If no, well this following may or may not make sense. If yes, please continue.

Do you love your parents or guardian(s)? Yes or no? If no, you are a hateful and rebellious soul aren’t you? If yes, did you obey your parents? If not, were you punished for disobedience? If yes, did your parents hate you or love you, more or less? If not, you must be a saint or a liar!

Before I move to the next part of this q&a, we have to resolve something else first. Do you believe that the Messiah has come and will come again? Yes or no? If no, you are either blind to the truth or in denial of the truth. If yes, congratulations, you are a believer!

Who did Messiah Yeshua say was good? Himself or His Father? Whom did He teach us to pray to? Himself or His Father? Did He share His doctrine or His Father’s? I’m not going to answer these questions for you. You’ll know the truth if you are truly His. 

I had to ask those questions to either confirm what you know or to get you to seek His truth. 

You ought to know that Father is a loving and just Father. He created you. He created the Heavens and the Earth and All that is in them. He gave us His Son. So do you love Him? Yes or no? If no, you are either an atheist or a liar. (You’ll understand that answer in a moment). 

If yes, are you obedient to His Ways or your own? If His Ways, does that mean you follow His Torah or what you’ve believe by twisting scripture to believe faith alone? If you are doing it your way by your own understanding, repent now! 

Here’s the point of this post. If you love and obey your parents by birth, shouldn’t you obey your Heavenly Father more so? He punishes the wrong, He rewards the obedient. Do you obey for salvation? Absolutely not!!! Do you obey out of and because of love? Yes!!! Have you not read or heard, that you ought to walk as He walked? Have you not read or heard Yeshua say, “If you love me obey my commands”? And again have you not read or heard that faith without works is dead? 

If you believe in faith alone or Elohim forbid, don’t even know Yeshua is the Messiah sitting at the right hand of Yehovah waiting for the appointed time to come for His bride. Then for the love of Father Yehovah, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all that is Holy unto Yehovah repent of this blasphemous belief and turn fully and completely you Yehovah and walk in all His Ways, His Way and not according to your own way which leads to death!

I truly pray this has been of benefit for you. May you receive it in the love it is given! Shalom!


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