True or false?

Found on another site,

Every Christian will sin. We are incapable of living a completely holy life on earth.

Oh, really? So Yehovah gave us an impossible task when He says, "Be Holy because I am Holy." Is that what they are implying? Making Yehovah a hypocrite? Seriously? That is truly perilous thinking.

Does scripture truly say it's impossible, or impossible only according to the flesh? Is this Truth according to Yehovah who redeemed you through His Messiah, Yeshua?

The sad truth is that the above statement is true IF you continue to walk in the flesh! It is the flesh that is against Yehovah. Doing any works in and from the flesh cannot save your soul from the second death.

Why do you suppose we are told to worship in Spirit and Truth? If we have little to no control over ourselves, who is in control? You or the deceiver? You have free will don't you? Is your will to do His will or your own? If your own, you are truly walking in the way of the deceiver.

Have you truly believed you cannot be sinless because you taken verses out of context to mean you can't help yourself? Really?

I wonder what you'd believe if you read Yeshua's Words (or the books that contain His Words) only. The four Gospels and Revelation only. No reading Paul, who is the only author that comes with a warning through Peter. (Reading Peter's and John's other epistles would be good too.)

No I am not saying Paul is a false apostle or any such nonsense. His writings are in alignment with the Torah and Prophets. Actually being the only writer that knew the entirety of scriptures as they existed in his day better than those chosen by Yeshua, he wrote as one extremely zealous for Yehovah in Yeshua.

Remember Paul, known also as Saul, couldn't see Yeshua as Messiah until Yeshua interceded and opened his eyes. Yes he was blinded physically, yet he could see clearly. Most of the world is truly blind IF they cannot see that the doctrine Yeshua taught was truly Yehovah's.

Paul's writings are easy to twist if one doesn't know the the scriptures he knew, as well as or better than he knew them. As Paul Harvey would say, "now you know the rest of the story."

Why would Yeshua tell the adulteress to "Go, sin no more" if it wasn't possible to do? Oh and you have to understand Yehovah's right rulings to understand why Yeshua did and said what He did. He showed compassion and mercy knowing she was guilty of the crime.

We are and everyone from the very beginning is saved by grace! Nothing you, in the flesh, can do to save yourself. NOTHING! Yet, once you accept Yeshua as The Messiah, you are told by Himself to obey Him. To walk as He walked according to what He walked in. He followed His Father's righteous instructions, kept the ordinances and understood the right rulings His Father gave all mankind who choose Yehovah as their God, also known as Torah.

If you can't or rather choose not to see or understand the above, you may experience the second death. It is not for me to say. However scripture is clear on who is saved and who is not. Therefore repent, believe the Gospel and Obey Him who can and will destroy you on "that day"!

May you continue seeking His one and only way to walk in and do it!


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