I believe the Whole Word of YHWH is Truth and as valid today as it was in the beginning. I obey my Fathers Torah to show my love for Him. I along with every being ever born or will be born cannot nor ever will be saved by keeping the law in and of itself. You must believe (have faith) that Yeshua is The Word made flesh and died in your place as the ultimate sacrifice for the penalty of your sin. Sin, as defined by the Word is transgressing the law. In other words breaking the rules of The One and Only Father.

*I do not include a scriptural reference at times so that if you truly want to know you will research it. I will not make it easy for you. I am not your researcher. I am nothing but a vapour that is here and then not. I am a student and disciple, not a teacher so much. I share what I feel important to share in order to plant seeds. I also share so that if in the sharing you repent and turn to Father and walk as Yeshua then AWESOME! However if not, you have been warned and you will die in your sin and your blood is upon you, not me.

*There are those out there especially of the “new age” christianity theology (you know who you are) that believe that we should all “co-exist” and that the spirit they are hearing or seeing or whatever couldn’t be anything except the light because they themselves are of “the light”. Did you not read, is it not written that Lucifer can masquerade as an angel of light. These people believe that if a rebuke makes them feel uncomfortable that the person offering the rebuke is of the devil. Have you tested the spirit as it says we are supposed to in the Word? Would you even know how to test the spirit based on the Whole Word of the Living God?

*I say all that to say this if I didn’t love each and every person I would not even bother sharing anything let alone the truth that can set you free. I have come out of her and embraced all of Him and all of His Living Word! I will not, however, suffer a fool. I am open to His truth. Not your version or wishful thinking of the truth. Not all foods are clean, if you believe so then you and I will never agree on anything. If you believe that the Torah is given to only “Jews” and not for the believers and followers of today, we will never ever agree, If you believe I follow the “law” to be saved or am being legalistic by believing, following and sharing the truths in the Torah, we will not be able to agree on anything. so in the name of the Most High and Precious name of my Messiah ,Yeshua, stay off my posts! If on the other hand you seriously want to learn and grow in Messiah and walk according to His Way and not according to how you “think” you should, I am only too happy to discuss anything and everything under the sun.


I bless you, you who persecute, you that hate, you that can’t stand what I share. I bless you in Yeshua’s name. I pray that Father willing, your eyes and ears will be opened to His Truth according to His Understanding!